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About Playness
  • Mission Statement

    Playness ® solutions were born out of a growing awareness that playful physical activity in early childhood benefits children enormously.

    Concerns are that the negative trends in the health status of our children will result in major issues in the near future unless we act immediately. Physical literacy, moving with competence and confidence are the preconditions for every other form of a child’s literacy. Playness products ensure a playful experience which meets the basic needs of our children.

  • Our Vision

    Playness Ltd. is paving the way for the integration of systematic Physical Education curricula in kindergartens globally.

    Playfulness is at the heart of every human being while physical activity is necessary to maintain our life functions in peak shape. Therefore, our vision is to bring playfulness to people across the globe. Starting with children, we will search for the playful child in each and every one until Playness becomes as popular as fitness and wellness. Our playful vision lies within all of us.

  • Our Team.

    The Playness team is comprised of distinguished international experts from the field of physical education, pedagogics, kinesiology, psychology, philosophy, education, somatics, yoga, art and others, and is constantly evolving due to the magical phenomenon of children’s play.

    The team is orchestrated by PE teacher, philosopher and international activist Dr. Milan Hosta, who envisaged the Playness® solutions aimed at ensuring a healthy starting point for all children. Based on his rich experience of working with over 400 kindergartens, schools, and sport clubs in Russia, the UK, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia, he decided to devote his efforts to supporting the future generations.

    • Milan Hosta

      Milan Hosta

      He is an internationally recognized expert in philosophy and pedagogy of sport, specializing in the domain of health and social inclusion through sport and physical education. Member of UNICEF international working group on Safeguarding for Children in Sport and EU Think tank Sport & Citizenship. Dr. Milan Hosta has consulted over 700 kindergartens, schools, and sports clubs in Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia.

  • Become a certified Playness Coach for only €99
    Learn directly from dr. Hosta.
  • Playness Advisory board members

    • MSc. Sergej Petrović

      Creative director of Nirvana breathing fitness program, innovator and flow hacker. Expertise in conceptual product/service development and cause marketing.

    • Margaret Sutherland

      Senior lecturer at the University of Glasgow, Scotland and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Writing extensively on early childhood in the field of inclusive pedagogy and gifted education.

    • Jonas Ollson

      Former Sony Head of Wearables and Design. Executive Board member MOTOSUMO, CEO INCIO, Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor, Panellist Hype Foundation and Health2B Accelerator in Sport and Health. Expertise in bringing Connected Experiences into Sport, Health and Mass market.

    • Joy Butler

      Professor in the Dept. of Curriculum and Pedagogy at UBC, Vancouver, Canada. Coordinator of Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE), Outdoor Education & Health programs. A distinguished scholar in promoting Teaching Games for Understanding concept.

    • Richard Bailey

      Senior Researcher at the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education, Expert Adviser for Physical Education with UNESCO, the World Health Organization, the European Union, OECD, and many similar agencies. Key consultant for Nike-led Designed to Move and Active Kids Do Better initiatives.

    • Robert Gierke

      Former adidas AG Director Head Office Global Brands.
      Serves also as the advisory board member to Hype Foundation – Sports Innovation. Volunteers with UNHCR.

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