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Our Philosophy

Our children will not face the choices we face. The seeds of their opportunities are being planted today. And that is exactly what our mission at Playness is. What we can do together is to improve education and make a new generation accountable as humanity in unity.

Playness is promoting core pillars of integral education inevitable in the 21st century. For Playness team the ultimate concern is supporting teachers and parents to move vibrantly toward developing these capacities of new generations.

"From ascetic fitness, through hedonic wellness
to liberating Playness!"

Milan Hosta, founder


According to Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance Slovenia has been ranked the highest in school and overall physical activity.

Slovenia and Singapore are the safest countries for children to grow up according to NGO Save the Children’s index End of Childhood.

Children Playing

Do you feel sLOVEnia?
We are the only country with LOVE in the name!

Playness mission is to ensure universal humaneness by heartful, mindful and playful childhood. More

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dr. Milan Hosta

Founder and Director

Dr. Milan Hosta is an internationally recognized expert in philosophy and pedagogy of sport, specializing in the domain of health and social inclusion through sport and physical education. Member of UNICEF international working group on Safeguarding for Children in Sport, and EU Think tank Sport & Citizenship. He is a member of the expert working group for preparation of teaching materials for children and youth on sportsmanship at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Republic of Slovenia.

Dr. Milan Hosta has consulted via EU and private funded initiatives over 1000 kindergartens, schools, and sports clubs in Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Slovenia, France, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia. 

He was with the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Sport and with the Applied Kinesiology University of Primorska, he received additional trainings at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), the University of Oslo (Norway), the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin (Germany), and the International Olympic Academy in Athens (Greece).  He was an invited national delegate at the Global Forum for Physical Education Pedagogy in Iowa (USA); invited speaker at 100th anniversary of British Olympism in London (UK), and key note in conferences in Ankara (Turkey) and Kiew (Ukraine). 

Beside Playness he is a passionate explorer of integral breathing techniques and biohacking tools for the service of well-being and conscious living.

Advisory Board

Big Thanks to advisory team for generous moral, expert and consultancy support.

Joy Butler

Professor in the Dept. of Curriculum and Pedagogy at UBC, Vancouver, Canada. Coordinator of Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE), Outdoor Education & Health programs. A distinguished scholar in promoting Teaching Games for Understanding concept.

Robert Gierke

Former adidas AG Director Head Office Global Brands. Runs consulting company Purenessity to help businesses make a positive impact globally. Serves also as the advisory board member to Hype Foundation – Sports Innovation. Volunteers with UNHCR.

Margaret Sutherland

Senior lecturer at the University of Glasgow, Scotland and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Writing extensively on early childhood in the field of inclusive pedagogy and gifted education.

Sergej Petrović

Creative director of FlowCode and Nirvana breathing fitness program, innovator and mind hacker. Expertise in conceptual product/service development and cause marketing.

Jonas Olsson

Former Sony Head of Wearables and Design. Executive Board member MOTOSUMO, CEO INCIO, Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor, Panellist Hype Foundation and Health2B Accelerator in Sport and Health. Expertise in bringing Connected Experiences into Sport, Health and Mass market.


Unity in Vision

Playness was awarded Top 50 most innovative sports related companies in 2017. We are creating the future of life enhancing sports.

Initial start-up support by Slovene governmental instruments and EU funding to implement quality education globally.

Long-lasting partnership with local kindergarten and primary school. Municipality of Brezovica.

Playness is proud supporter of Project Unity that is based on flow philosophy for 21st century personal & societal development.

International Playness Academy

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