Playness selected among top 50 sport start-ups in 2017

08 December, 2016

There are important milestones in the career of every athlete. Those are the moments of initiations when one must face one-self, recognize inner potentials and accept the game of playing it all the way, although not knowing what is next. The same is with a company.

Spending several years in the incubator of Spolint Institute, Playness company performed a successful spin-off in autumn 2015 when we got support from Slovene Entrepreneurship Fund. In a year to follow we entered Slovene market, and we checked the potentials of internationalization in Italy, Austria and Turkey. And as a grand finale of 2016, we convinced the distinguished jury of Hype Foundation and made it among Top 50 most promising start-ups in global sports industry for 2017. With this wild-card of the elite club, we gain access to most valuable players in the business of sport. One of our main priorities for 2017 is to partner with a strategic investor, who possesses wits that are needed to mobilise the huge potentials of the Playness products, services and brand itself. At the first meeting with investors provided by Hype Foundation, 4 out of 6 investors recognized such potentials of Playness, calling it most promising in the competition of 9 start-ups. Will they meet our needs is still to be discussed, but the sole feedback is precious for the new kid on the block.


Coming towards the end of the year, we can take a deep breath, make a break and celebrate our achievements. One of the most important values on the kindergarten market we are targeting in this stage is expertise, credibility and lovability. We still need to work out on the latter, but the first two we managed to place well. Over 250 kindergarten teachers are working according to Playness pedagogy, and using our digital library. Meaning that over 5.000 children are supported with excellent physical literacy curriculum and other benefits provided by Playness pedagogic compass as a tool used by teachers. This might be a good moment to emphasize the value of our innovation in education. In order to challenge the problem of physical inactivity globally (check the alarming data here and here), we invented the Playness Compass, that helps to get us on the right track again. There is nothing wrong with children dropping out of sport. We should instead think about how to adjust sport and other active games to meet the needs of the zeitgeist. For this purpose we stress-tested Playness Compass in several scientific conferences globally (Ireland, Germany, Russia, Serbia, Honduras, Slovenia). The Compass is waterproof and it makes the important contribution to understanding of the experience of being active in playful manner. It also allows us to further develop our plans in the form of creating a Playness movement, starting with children and then all the rest. To awake the child within 😉

Before summing it up, let’s see what are our biggest challenges for the 2017. Businesswise we are starting to build a franchise system to transfer the know-how globally. And let’s say optimistically that one or two franchises can be set up in late 2017. In terms of development we are aiming to launch the Playness App for parents and guide them through quality active time with their children in their homes.

Instead of summing up, we want to further tease potential investors that share our vision. As we entered kindergartens and launched study groups for teachers, a local primary school also expressed interest and joined the party. We cannot hold this back in Slovenia anymore. In fact, we have clear expressions of interests from Honduras, Serbia, Turkey, Austria and Italy.

It’s Playness Time folks. People, especially children are sick of competing and fighting each other. The world should be a safe place where everyone can play and explore the potentials of life itself. The competitive sport is a zero-sum game or even negative at the end. One winner and many losers. That is just not how the nature works. It’s time for liberating Playness that is completing the ascetic fitness and hedonic wellness experience my friends.

by Founder & CEO Milan Hosta, PhD



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