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      To fulfil your dream and become a teacher or a parent who is a true companion to their children? To be the spark that lights their authentic potentials and provides them with greater self-awareness and self-confidence?

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    • I really loved it. It was action based, relaxed, and very interesting. Time passed so quickly. I haven’t laughed so much in quite some time.

    • You made me even more curious and I would like to go deeper into the matter despite retiring soon. Balanced in theory and practice. Bravo.

    • I had so much fun at the seminar. It made me realize that children have to have fun while being physically active in order to love doing it. You opened my eyes. I was falsely taught that activity should be more like a serious drill.

    • Congrats. The best seminar I ever attended. You provide not only knowledge of what to do with children but of what to do with ourselves as well. Deep teaching.

    • I enjoyed how you challenged us to think, feel and act in a playful way. It sounds so simple. Finally someone with a down-to-earth interpretation of science. Loved the games we played.


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